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Monday, April 12th, the tourism committee met, discussions were held and updates were given.

  • Progress is being made at the Riviera, and the ballroom is on track to be finished by the first wedding of the year, to be held on May 1st.
  • A three-day conference of the D.A.R.E program for the Association of Officers Training Conference has been scheduled for mid-July with an estimated attendance of one hundred people per day, who will be utilizing Lake Geneva’s hotels, restaurants, shopping, and amenities.
  • Star Parties presented by GLAS will host a total of four-star parties this summer in the Lake Geneva area. GLAS (Geneva Lake Astronomical Society) staff and volunteers will help guide guests in viewing the moon, planets, and deep-sky through portable telescopes along with providing educational activities. For its  August event, GLAS is partnering with Lake Geneva Cruise Line to bring the night sky viewing onto a cruise boat on Geneva Lake. Each event will be themed and focused on a specific astronomical event or anniversary.

These are fun events that the whole family can enjoy so be sure to get tickets at Gage Marine offices.

Snowfall Lake Geneva April 21, 2021


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