Dr. Lux moves his offices to across the street from PNC bank as soon as the building is done.  Why did this local move get noticed at all?  Dr. Lux is certainly a class act local dentist.  Nobody Dan Draper City Attorney Lake Genevacan deny that.  He fixes teeth, whitens them and makes people’s smiles much more meaningful and significant.  The names still on the glass at his new digs is Dan Draper’s name.  Dan (The Don) Draper, City Attorney of Lake Geneva, is noted for his curly cryptic smile, generally delivered very appropriately when he is defending some more onerous Lake Geneva City Ordinance to some fidgeting local business owner.  Can Dr. Lux fix this smile?  It is intimated that Dr. Lux is really good at what he does, but doing something about Dan’s smile may be well beyond even his genius capabilities.  It would probably be best to make a visit in the night and razor blade that name off the glass at the new offices.


Police Story.  There was an article in the Geneva Shore Report last week about actions and potential interactions with police officers.  The article was accurate in many ways but not in one vital area.  The article indicated basically that no one should ever invite a police officer into his or her home.  That was a comment that was not well considered.  There are many reasons to invite police officers into your home.  Parties.  They know a lot about what’s going on in the community they work in and around!  Help.  What if you need help for any reason.  Who do you call?  Ghostbusters?

No, you call the police and with damned good reason.  Lake Geneva’s police officers are all becoming Emergency Medical Technicians (one already and three more about to be confirmed).  Lake Geneva police officers are all carrying defilibrators in their cars.  If somebody you love, or you yourself, have a heart attack the police are going to be the first responders.  Might you need help?  Think about it.

The Geneva Shore Report’s editors should have thought a little deeper before allowing that article.


NarCan Kit fp rDrug Overdose treatmentNarcan.  What is it?  Narcan is the miracle drug that when administered properly, quickly converts any and all narcotics in a person’s blood into sugar.  Since carrying Narcan in all squad cars and all Lake Geneva officers being trained by the Lake Geneva Fire Department in the drug’s use, two residents have been saved.  Officer Kaitlin Tietz saved a man’s life on April 23rd in this fashion at 2:54 a.m. on her shift.  The guy was dying in front of her and, Voila!  Everyone ought to appreciate this kind of service.  Guess what, the man was saved not only because Kaitlin, backed by Sergeant Shaw, but also (Captain Peters and Lt. Detkowski of the L.G.F.D.) were invited into the man’s home!

There is no question that Lake Geneva has the finest police and fire organizations in the state of Wisconsin.  Maybe  anywhere.  Some rogue police officers in other states have been receiving a huge amount of negative reporting, much of which has been deserved, but the police officers in Lake Geneva and in the other departments around the state have consistently (and for quite some time) demonstrated what a class act they are and provided a quiet unassuming sort of enforcement to be admired and honored.

Thank you Kaitlan, Sgt. Shaw and the officers and men of the Lake Genva Fire Department

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