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Lake Geneva’s city government changes hands like a leopard changes its spots.
On the leopard, the baby spots morph into more commanding positions on the leopard as it ages. The chemicals that control the color of the spots are selectively transported in a non-uniform pattern from its baby spots to selected spots on the leopard that represent its authority as recognized by other leopards. The same can also be seen within Lake Geneva’s government as the baby spots first show up on the plan commission, then selective ones migrate to an alderman position, then on to the position of Mayor of the city. So even though aldermen and mayors are elected, like the chemicals that change the spots on the leopard, the votes move those selected spots on the city leopard into higher levels of authority within the City of Lake Geneva’s government. So, the city leopard remains the same, only its spots are rearranged and moved from the plan commission, to alderman, to mayor and/or back and forth to the final resting place on the police and fire commission. So how does this happen? Three out of four elected positions run unopposed, half who face opposition is opposed by other spots on the city leopard and lastly those in the city who benefit from the leopard vote for its spots. These three combined to assure that the leopard retains control of the city as it gets ready to appoint and approve its next set of spots on the city’s plan commission.


It has been a rough winter for the beautiful fountain that stands in front of the Riviera Complex. Over the winter we had some crazy hard weather. Strong winds finally took it down and it went in for repairs. The fountain was put back together last week just in time for the spring fill of water which is a staple to the beauty of Lake Geneva Riviera during the busy summer season. Well, don’t get too excited. Sunday afternoon the fountain was again damaged, this time by vandals, and is now in for repairs once again. Two male juveniles were witnessed vandalizing the fountain and pictures were taken. The juveniles were quickly identified and one has already been charged with criminal damage to property.  The father of the teenager who stood by watching said his son had done nothing. His friend merely climbed the fountain and the top fell off injuring him. What do you think?

Vandalism of the Fountain?

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