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Have you ever heard of Bender and Wolf?
That’s the name of the partnership attempting to get approval to put up a development on the 30-acre lot at the corner of Townline and Edwards Boulevard. The southwestern corner to be more exact. What do they want to build and when do they want to build it? Nobody seems to know just yet, but whatever it is the GSR will be sticking close to the ground with one metaphorical ear on the iron rail. Whatever it is that these guys are up to will not be missed or ignored so that the community can give as much input as possible before deciding what to do about approving or disapproving it.

What do they want to build? When this article was written nobody seemed to know. It was assumed that the outfit would apply for a conditional use permit and then get approval, within bounds of the comprehensive plan, and build. But no, now it becomes clear why the mayor and city council, with whatever Lake Geneva has for a city attorney, wanted to change the rules for working with the comprehensive plan. That plan is intended to be something that is only consulted over long periods of time (like every ten years, or so). That plan is supposed to be one devised by experts with the input of the resident public in order to maintain the “flavor” of the kind of city Lake Geneva wants to continue to be for the present and on into the future.

However, now you get to see how the local “good old boy” politics work. When these new “small” rule changes were slid right on down the throat of the city nobody appeared to know why the modifications were being made. Now everyone gets to know. This new development is calling a special meeting of the city wherein an amendment to the comprehensive plan will be presented (amendments that are now allowed by the new changes). This builder does not want to stick to current zoning (which reads that only single family dwellings and limited numbers of double family or more residences may be built).

The current plan for that part of the city is called a planned neighborhood. But Bender and Wolf want that changed to read: “multi-family residential.” What does that mean? It means basically unlimited density and quality is what it means. This kind of stuff goes on all the time and there is little question that secret garbage was being gone through about this very kind of situation prior to the quiet little changes the council and dubious city attorney made to the comprehensive plan.

The public meeting for this routine is being “danced to”  will be at the Lake Geneva City Hall at 6:00 p.m. Come next Wednesday night and get your dance ticket punched, or whatever.

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