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A Brunk Industries employee drowned a couple of weeks ago after walking out onto the thin ice of Lake Como. Michael L. Montemayor, aged 44, from Burlington Wisconsin, fell through thin ice and perished. What happened in the final analysis? He was attending a holiday party thrown by Brunk Industries where he became inebriated and stepped out into the cold to get some fresh air. He wandered out on the surface of the lake, making it out almost seven hundred yards before he fell through into the frigid water below. He was seen falling by an off duty fireman, who was then joined by two Lake Geneva police officers. By the time the first responders could get equipment and get out to him (it only took about ten minutes) Montemayor was down and gone. The air boat from Lake Geneva was on the scene quickly, but the man could not be found. There have been rough-edged rumors about how not enough was done to save this man’s life, but in truth, once you get out onto a lake surface that only has an inch or two of ice then you most probably only have an inch or two of life left. Without specialized equipment, it is almost impossible for people watching someone in trouble out on the ice to run out and attempt a rescue without finding themselves in freezing water fighting for their own lives. Stay off the ice of Wisconsin’s lakes until you have been informed that the thickness of the ice layer is more than four inches, and to be really safe, six inches.

Cat Rescue

Cat in Tree in Walworth

Lost, alone and forlorn, this poor cat found itself high up in a tree, waiting for whatever
terrible fate might come. Unable to go up or down, the cold closing in until Judy, Brent and mike showed up. And then life changed. Three Christmas presents…arriving late….

A cat lost its way. 
High above 5th Avenue in Walworth, Wisconsin, the cat found a place of seeming safety sixty feet high in the top nest of great elm tree.  But the cat  discovered that there was not a way down.  The cat remained aloft for two days before Judy, a nearby neighbor lady of great heart and care saw the animal’s plight. Judy called the Walworth Fire Department, only to be informed that the Walworth hook and ladder was down for repair.  They could not help.  Judy called the Walworth Police Department.  The dispatcher indicated that the cat should be left alone and that, after being out long enough in the cold weather, it would come down on its own.  That was not good enough for Judy.  She remembered a man named Brent Syverson, who runs a house painting service in Lake Geneva.  Brent got the call at Paint Pros, his business office and told Judy he didn’t have a big enough ladder or a bucket truck but that he knew someone who did.  Brent called Matt Wingate over at The Tree Guys.  Matt said he had a bucket truck on hand and would rush to the scene.  Matt and Brent met at the base of the tree at the 5th Avenue address.  Up they went.  It was over in seconds.  The beautiful cat had been waiting for them.  The cat leaped into Matt’s arms and was saved.  Once on the ground again the cat was given to Judy who took it straightaway to the Animal Hospital in Walworth for a checkup.  If Judy cannot find a proper owner she is going to keep the cat herself.  What a wonderful story to have filmed and written for the whole staff of the Geneva Shore Report only two days after Christmas.

Thank you Judy, Matt and Brent.   You may not think to call Matt at the Tree Guys if you have tree work or Brent if you need house painting, but the Geneva Shore Report and all of its employees certainly will.

Cat Rescue Video Here

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