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Why do so many unsurprising things come under the heading of surprising stuff?

Because there is no end to the repetition of things that work, but keep surprising everyone that they’ve not gone away. The Williams Bay Middle School building, and land that it’s on is for sale. You will only see that written here. The school staff, when interviewed, did not know the name of the realtor handling the sale, although they indicated that there was one.

The school superintendent’s office was unavailable for comment.
What’s going on with the sale?
It appears that the old theater deal that was offered to the people interested in buying that Broad Street edifice (it failed) is being regurgitated in Williams Bay. The village wants to offer $400,000.00 to cover the building’s demolition, payable to the new owner. There have been two offers, one for eighty thousand and one for a hundred and twenty thousand dollars.

Wouldn’t that be sweet? Buy the building on contract and then pay for it with part of the four hundred grand. Demolish the thing for a ninety thousand (yes, that is an actual bid the GSR had generated by a demolition firm), sell the flat empty lot and pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer dollars.
The Lake Geneva Theater plan all over again.

So unsurprising that it’s surprising.

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