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Apparently, Spectrum, the main provider of cable television throughout the Geneva Lake Area is no longer providing Channel 25 (the local Lake Geneva city channel which city council meetings are shown on) with a space in its menu. It is still there, but any viewer who wants to watch must enter “25” into the remote to get reception. It is unknown at this time whether this action was taken by Spectrum, or asked for by the City of Lake Geneva. More on this story as it develops.


A job fair is coming for Lake Geneva city employment.
For the first time the City of Lake Geneva will be hosting a job fair this Saturday, February 18, 2017 from 12pm-2pm. Spring and Summer positions need to be filled to keep our community clean and well maintained. The Job Fair will be at City Hall on the second floor in the police training room. Be prepared to fill out applications, since on-site interviews will be held. There is no pre-registration required, and veterans are encouraged to come. Applications are being taken for the street department, public works, parking enforcement, and the police department.


Hemingway’s Bar and Restaurant is no longer.
This island-themed seasonal hangout had many regulars who loved the place. The live music, food, and cocktails made this a brief escape to a tropical retreat. Larry Joseph, the owner of Hemingways, purchased the restaurant in 2000. This place quickly became a destination for the many Jimmy Buffet concert goers, as well as Jimmy Buffet himself. The new owner, Dave Fettig, has plans for this property, and the word is that he will be demolishing the building and rebuilding it into a horse ranch. It is a great piece of land for horse enthusiasts because it sits on the very edge of the Town of Geneva. Lake Geneva’s has city ordinances that do not permit horses to be kept in the city overnight, which the Town of Geneva does not. Hemingway’s has been cleared out, it’s asbestos flooring is being removed by professionals, and soon the demolition will begin.

Hemmingway's Lake Geneva

Hemingway’s drinking establishment and property has been sold. Hemingway’s has been around since 2000, and will soon be nothing but a memory. Hemingway’s leaves a recollection of great stories, some to be shared, and some not. What plans the new owner has for this land remains to be seen. All we know is… It’s 5 o’clock somewhere else.


What the heck happened at our Burger King?
According to a legal complaint, Joel Escobar-Lopez, 21 of Lake Geneva was arrested for stealing over $90,000 from the Burger King at 100 W. Wells St., Lake Geneva, between November 2014 and November 2016. Joel is accused of originally stealing; by deleting orders and giving his friends free food. He then, allegedly, took small amounts of cash a couple times a week. The amounts of cash he apparently pocketed grew larger and larger. Escobar-Lopez is on video, apparently deleting cash transactions, canceling food orders, voiding daily receipts, and pocketing large amounts of cash. Joel Escobar-Lopez has been charged with two counts of theft over $10,000 in a business setting. His initial court appearance is set for March 9, 2017.

Burger King Lake Geneva

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