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Winterfest in Lake Geneva.
The 28th of January is not far away. It will occur only a week after the next president is inaugurated. This Winterfest will be like many of the ones that have preceded it. The National Snow Sculpting Competition will be on hand with snow sculptures erected in both Flat Iron and Riviera parks. This year it would appear that the weather is predicted to be moderate for the season. That hasn’t always been the case. Only a few years back the actual air temperature for the day of judging the snow sculptures was more than ten below zero. The wind was blowing a steady twenty miles per hour. The wind chill is unknown but it had to be down there. Store-to-store temperatures. You know, where you can only make it three stores before you have to go in and make believe you might buy something. Also, only a few years ago, the snow sculptures all melted before they could be properly judged. Global weather conditions have changed so much over the last twenty years, and have influenced local weather so often, that there is really no consistent way to predict what the weather is going to be as Lake Geneva goes into February.

Hair! Two weeks ago, with the holiday’s just a few short days away, a female GSR reporter decided to take a chance and have a local salon ‘trim’ her hair. Normally she drives all the way to Madison to have it done. She went to a local salon, noting how much money and time she’d save. At the inexpensive local shop, which will remain nameless, the stylist started to trim her hair. The stylist accidentally took a chunk of hair off the side. After that mistake, the stylist tugged on the hair (as if that would help) and continued to try to work with the cut until she finally admitted that the hair should be okay once the reporter got home and washed it. The holidays passed and the reporter finally was able to get to Madison and see Anita. Several weeks had gone by. Enough time for Anita to work her magic and bring the hair back into wonderful shape. Sometimes it is difficult to find outstanding artists in any field. And sometimes, when such an artist is found, the time and trouble just seems too great to bother. Bother! City Looks Salon, and Anita, are worth the drive. Call her at (608) 839-1939, and find out for yourself, or spend a holiday showing only one side of your head.

Grandest Person

Karen Conell, Bark Market, Lake geneva

Karen Conell, owner and operator of The Bark Market is a remarkable person. Filled with personality and good cheer she is a pet lover and advocate for all animals. Karen, and The Bark Market, are involved in a fundraiser for the Lakeland Animal Shelter. She used to own an equine business located in the Lake Geneva area. The Bark Market is now at 5540 State Road 50 in Delavan. A lot of people love betting quality pet supplies there, as well as pet grooming and training.

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