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Bot Attack!
The GSR received its first hacking attack last week when a short video about a drone flying low over the downtown main beach was commented upon by hundreds of supposed viewers and local people, except the ‘people’ noted where not local at all and most likely not people either, on the Facebook Page. The video was innocent enough. The GSR reporters were doing a video of the afternoon news at the beach when the drone flew in low over the crowd and went up and down the beach from end to end. The drone operators got their drone back, packed up and were out of there in mere minutes. The GSR reporters tried to follow but could not. That’s the whole substance of the video, as shown on Facebook.

Somehow hundreds of comments came in about videoing children at the beach illegally without permission (in spite of the fact that videoing anyone and everyone at a public beach is perfectly legal and acceptable under American law and standards). Comments poured in about how properly licensed drones can fly over crowds of people (not legally in Wisconsin, at all). What became interesting was when it was discovered that more than ninety percent of the hundreds of comments were coming from Internet Facebook identities located in Europe.   The GSR is not big enough, nor does it have a European following or reach to have a European viewer. The GSR was hacked by an algorithm or series of bots, probably for mentioning the word drone and for also being a newspaper.


Lake Geneva will soon have more accommodations, consisting of four stories and ninety-two rooms, to be exact.
The Fairfield Inn will be opening way ahead of schedule. The original completion date was set for March of 2020, but with the hard work and long hours that have been put in that date is being moved to the end of August in 2019. Michelle Adkins, the sales director, is a wonderful vibrant woman, and she’s very excited about the progress that has been made. Michelle will be opening up online reservations in the next couple of weeks but has already booked some wedding parties for late 2019 and early 2020. The Fairfield Inn is all about comfort and relaxation at affordable rates. Your stay at the Fairfield comes with many amenities including complimentary breakfast, fitness room, indoor pool, and much more.

Fairfield Inn


Cute Nails is expanding into the unit next to where it is currently located, and will now be where US Cellular used to be. They are one of the busiest nail salons in town, with all their manicure and pedi-stations consistently filled with clients waiting in the lobby. This expansion is much needed, and will hopefully bring more staff to provide faster service. The staff at the current location is very friendly, great at what they do, and provide exceptional service. Hopefully, this kind of great service will continue.

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