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Things don’t just happen in the City of Lake Geneva, they are planned.
A few years back the city wanted to obtain a liquor license to attract a certain franchised restaurant to the area. The city was unable to make a liquor license available for the certain franchised restaurant, so the enterprise did not build a restaurant in Lake Geneva. Still wanting to obtain a liquor license, the city proposed an Alcohol Service Demerit System that would all but assure an automatic suspension or revoking of a business’s liquor license based on the number of accumulated demerits that a business received. That attempt was defeated by an overwhelming united response against it. Still wanting to obtain a liquor license, the city appears to be targeting Thumbs Up, but why Thumbs Up?

Is another motive behind the timing and selective targeting of Thumbs Up, when three other places have had similar or worse problems? Well, word has it (confidential sources) Thumbs Up is a target because it is located next to the future “High Class Theater” that the city has invested $895,000 toward making it into a success and the Thumbs Up tavern being next to that theater is seen as a deterrent to the theater’s success. Each step is a link in the chain. A call to the police, a police report, and following the removal of the Thumbs Up liquor license approval from the consent agenda are signs that foretells the future for Thumb Up even though after the discussion the liquor license was unanimously approved. The removal from the consent agenda, and the discussion served multiple purposes. There was a public warning to Thumbs Up, and a notification to the public about the “situation” and the planned action if the “situation” continues. This was probably a second warning because the first warning is normally done privately to establish a pattern. The fact is that alderperson Chappell, who is the alderperson most interested in the success of the theater, is also the alderperson who removed Thumbs Up from the consent. Does Chappell’s move possibly reveal the motive behind the chain of events? The links are in order, the trap is set, and there is plenty of time before the theater will open. It is likely that this issue will drop off the radar for a while, but will return in the spring and, if what the Geneva Shore Report has heard is found to have merit, then the Geneva Shore Report will be all over it.

Farm technology.
Wisconsin Farm Technology Days 2016, is coming and you better get ready. It is going to be about the biggest farm event ever to hit Walworth County, outside of the Fair. This event, to be held out on Snudden Farm property located just north of Zenda on both sides of the road, is going to have over six hundred vendors alone. That’s correct, 600! They will be gathered under tents now rising up like giant white locusts in two huge farm fields. Street signs with cloned Lake Geneva road names will allow people to get around using ATV’s and on foot. A 300-foot-long replica of Lake Geneva is being dug and it will be twenty feet deep. Why are they building a replica of Lake Geneva? Nobody seems to know. Go out and ask them and see if you do better than the GSR investigators have so far. There will also be the very newest and latest of modern farm equipment on display and tours of Snudden’s very advanced technology farm buildings. This all begins on July 19th, which is not that far away.

Wisconsin Farm Technology Days 2016 Sudden farms

Just a few of the tents going up all over the farmland of Snudden Farms in Town of Linn. Drive out there and see how it’s going. it’s just outside (north) of Zenda so you can’t miss it. This is going to be a huge and fabulous event.


Red Geranium.
The owners of the Red Geranium Restaurant are angry at the Geneva Shore Report because a previous issue of the newspaper wrote how negotiations were under way for Buffalo Wild Wings to buy the restaurant, along with its very valuable liquor license. There are no other liquor licenses available in the Lake Geneva district.   Apparently, the restaurant, according to the self-described ‘wife of the owner’ indicated rather vehemently that the place is not sold. She didn’t say anything whether the process of selling the restaurant might be ongoing. Is the Red Geranium sale going to be finalized or not? The GSR does not know for certain, although sources seem to indicate that it’s imminent. The video the GSR put up about the issue, and the real time interview with the ‘wife of the owner,’ received over ten thousand (10,000) views. It is unlikely that such attention harmed the Red Geranium’s business but it is never the intent of the GSR to hurt any local business. The Geneva Shore Report apologizes for any pain suffered by the owners, although it is hoped that all the attention makes up for some of that.

Red Geranium Restaurant Lake Geneva

The popular Red Geranium Restaurant, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

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