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If one listens to the news, then one will think that the country is divided into groups that are at war with each other.
The rich versus the poor; the unions versus the businesses; the religious versus the atheists. No matter who wants to divide the country it is one nation and one people.  Each person is unique, and we have been taught about our diversity so much that is what we see is the diversity that is now dividing us. We have forgotten the things that unite us. It is time to start to talk about the things that unite us and the things that we hold in common before we will fall apart.

What we hold in common dwarfs the issues that divide us, but it seems to take a disaster for us to set our differences aside for a moment so that we can work together to help each other. But, recently, even the disasters and things that should have united us have been used to divide us and to focus on our differences and not on our common humanity. Those who live in the center of the country must step up. It is our turn to lead the rest of the nation by showing how to get both sides of our hearts working together (yes, the other side does have a heart). We need to set our differences aside and get our compassionate hearts working in sync. We have a choice; we can work together and be in sync with each other or we can hold on to our divisive positions and prepare for the defibrillator. We have even become separated from our neighbors (the people next door) by bureaucracy and technology. We can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world, but we don’t talk with the people next door. Take the time to talk and listen to your neighbors and you will find each person is unique and that the overwhelming majority are decent good people.

When you see your neighbors, smile, when possible make eye to eye contact and make a friendly physical motion such as a hand wave, nod of the head, etc. and say “Hi” to them. Give them their space, and if, or when, appropriate stop and chat or introduce yourself to them. We make friends when we listen and talk to each other. Be a neighbor by being a neighbor not just living next door to someone.  If you see that someone needs help, become personally involved, and help them directly not through the bureaucracy of a charity or a government agency. Giving directly to another person, emotionally, helps both the giver and the receiver, because giving directly to someone, creates a two-way personal bond which is something no charity, business, or thing can do, and that bond is more important than the help itself. Everyone can use an extra friend, make the effort be that friend for someone else. Relationships are built, one brick at a time and someone needs to put the first brick in place to build a relationship.

Be that Person. Be the Change.

Person of the Week

Nick Brennan Lake Geneva

Nick Brennan a hard-working local high school kid. Stop by the lake, cool off, and say hi as he is working the beach most days. Thanks for enduring the heat and looking out for the beachgoers.

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