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Are they really blockheads? Or is it that they are ignorant?
The Geneva Shore Report does not expect city officials of Lake Geneva to read the Geneva Shore Report. You will not find any copies of this newspaper laying around the bathrooms of city hall, even when the toilet paper runs out. The Geneva Shore Report is an uncomfortable publication that peels away layer after layer of many disconcertingly duplicitous acts city leaders get themselves involved in. That’s like peeling off layers of sunburned skin to the people who run the town. It’s painful. Here’s a “layer” city leaders might read, or more likely be told was written about, in this publication. A bucket, or maybe a dump truck, full of liability is being delivered right to the city hall doors in this issue. The road coming into and out of Lake Geneva on the south side (South Lake Shore Drive) has become a dusty road of potential damage and death simply because of inattention. Willkomm, the big contractor that did the sewer work ripping the road up, has not repaved the road. The dust thrown up by passing cars and trucks is terrible. The road remains half paved in sections where Willkomm didn’t tear it up.

Cars and trucks are trying to drive on the paved portions that pay little attention to lane designations in order to avoid driving on the gravel and throwing up huge clouds of dust. There is going to be trouble. There’s going to be an auto/cycle/truck accident on that stretch, if not a head on collision. The Geneva Shore Report has investigated this road project from the beginning and now wants to file a warning with the city. With the publication of this issue and its delivery to the Lake Geneva City Hall, the city leaders are informed that they, if they continue to do nothing to protect the citizenry, are liable for what happens. The city has washed its hands of this project and is assuming that the contractor is responsible for all results of the project but that is not how the law works.

Knowing, as they now must, that there is a threat to the citizenry coming out of a project they commissioned and paid for and being done on city owned property, the City of Lake Geneva is one hundred percent responsible for the damages that results when the citizenry is not protected. The final nail in this coming coffin is about knowledge. Now they know and it will show in court (with a judge holding this issue up in his or her hand) that they had to know.

Construction and Dusty Roads

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