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The roof of the Chamber of Commerce.
Who owns the soon to be empty Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Building sitting there next to Leather Lips boat slip with the run off from Lake Geneva pouring over the damn to become the White River? The Chamber has been there for years but is in the process of moving to a converted house on Center Street. The roof of the building is going to hell in a handbag. The shingles are peeling up and there is no doubt water damage where that is occurring. Photo below, reveals the problem.

David Lindelow, Chairman of the Chamber Board

David Lindelow, Lake Geneva

Is the city going to step in and fix this aging tiny structure or is the building going to be razed to provide a welcome addition of open space to Flat Iron Park? Incidentally, if you’ve gone into that building, or even stood around outside then you have to know that this little place has about the best view of the lake at lake level anywhere. Will the chamber leave a vestigial identity behind? There is no comparison as to the amount of traffic that goes by that little structure all summer long. Center Street, just out of the hustle and bustle of the business district is dead as a doornail and it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is.

Maybe the viral, almost toxic mix of tax money, highly paid director and an organization doing damn near nothing for anybody in Lake Geneva might prosper, taking a business ‘time out’ to rest and then get ready to come back into the fray. The Chamber is supposed to be about advancing the cause of Lake Geneva’s businesses. Maybe David Lindelow, as Chairman of the Chamber Board (the young woman who was sitting behind the counter at the Flat Iron office last week had never heard the name), is going to change everything. Utah Blaine Oborn, Lake Geneva’s new city administrator is slowly changing everything inside Lake Geneva government, and he’s changing it almost invariably for the good. Can Lindelow follow in Blaine Oborn’s footsteps with the city itself? The public can only hope.

Piggy Bank Winkler.
The Utility Director goes out like a slow thief in the night, although he’s never been caught stealing anything, except the communities will to live. His resignation letter copied in both mayor’s. Yes, that’s right. He copied Mayor Connors and Mayor Kupsik together. It is high time that Dan get on some boat and float around for awhile after his September 16th resignation becomes effective. The man needs a vacation. Lake Geneva only has one mayor at a time.

How nice!
Legal bills were paid at the last council meeting to Dan “small ball” Draper’s firm and another totaling $4227.84 for “personnel issues.” Isn’t it nice that little bitty legal bills can be slipped into council sessions, gaining unanimous approval, when nobody deliberately is allowed to know what the money was really paid for. Of course, as attorney bills go these days, that amount is nothing, and was treated as such by the council. The beach ‘replenishment’ was rubber-stamped for $15,300.00 without any details being offered. The gracious nicely adjusted family running the beach was unavailable for comment because they were in Rio getting prepared for the rest of the summer in case the Olympic Committee stops all that. They spend a lot of the summer running up and down the beach chasing people who haven’t paid the outrageous fees charged for beach use. They’ll be faster when they get back. “Replenishments” will get better.

Grandest Place of the Week

Finch's Tavern and Taqueria Lake Geneva

Finch Tavern and Taqueria. The next and newest restaurant to go in across the shores of Buttons Bay on south shore drive. Finch Tavern and Taqueria has a wonderful selection of traditional Mexican food and street tacos. It is definitely worth a try.

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