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Bigfoot Erosion.
Hooray! They are taking action to keep the highway running along what used to be BigFoot Beach from eroding into the lake. Two hundred and fifty grand ($250,000) was appropriated from the budget and readied to be shipped to Humphrey’s Contracting. The usual suspects, since nobody else will bid on Lake Geneva bid contracts anymore (they gave up a few years ago under Dan “Piggy Bank” Winkler’s special treatment of opening bids and handing them to competitors). So big rocks are going to be poured over the side of the road and into the lake. Then sand will be added (not for beachgoers, as that would be just silly) and new asphalt patched onto the road surface. Once again, the gorgeous, pristine and only surviving view of the lake from a passing roadway will be preserved.
Sometimes, just sometimes, they get it right.


New Restaurant for Main Street.
That’s all you get to know. Well, the woman’s name is Toni. She’s from Pell Lake. She currently owns a successful restaurant. That’s all you get to know until Geneva Shore Report X-Files investigators can catch up with this Casper-like woman. Who’s backing her or is she on her own? What, of the few available storefronts, will become the home of this new place? Is she a trust-funder like the previous owner of Boatyard Bagels? Can she take her ball and go home at anytime, like he did? All these questions will be answered over time. Supporting small business success is one of the objectives the Geneva Shore Report has set as its mission.
So the paper will be all over this.


The Farmers Market is Open on Broad Street adjacent to Horticultural Hall. Some people are complimenting and some are complaining. The people who are complimenting are the ones who love having fresh produce trucked into the city center, and available at decent prices in such a convenient place. The complainers are a few business owners who see the market sellers as freeloaders because the stall lessors don’t pay real estate taxes for the limited property they use, parking is free for their customers right out front, and everyone loves them. It would appear that those complimenting this small town business affair far outnumber the complainers. Think of that as a good thing, and go and get some of what the farmer’s market people are bringing to town.

Farmers Market Video


Some True Lake Geneva History—1873.
The Original Lady of the Lake.  She was one of two steam paddle ships built to sail Geneva Lake.  She was 93 feet long and carried two to three hundred passengers.  In 1882 she was refurbished stem to stern due to her continual use.  It was 143 years ago today May 10th 1873 that the original Lady of the Lake was launched.  After serving the community for twenty years it has been told that July 1896 was the month of her last voyage.  Just what form her demise took has never been publicly revealed.  Different stories have portrayed different endings over the years.
One account reports that in July of 1896 the hull of the boat was towed to deeper water and sunk just off the shores of the Lake Geneva Country Club.
Another account says that in 1892 she ended up at the Napper Boat factory and was used for firewood.  Finally, and hopefully credibly, according to Geneva Shore Report X-file investigators, her hull remains can be found in the lake at N42 degrees 33.990” and Longitude W88 degrees 26.747, if you have SCUBA diving equipment.

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