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Mother’s Day may be a little different this year.
Sunday, May 10th, is all about Mom, and during the current situation, the entire world is on the same page when it comes to Mom’s deserving this special day, and more. With the advent of virtual schooling, kids are adjusting to the fact that Mom’s have had to become homeschool teachers. This new (non-choice) career, on top of housework, meal preparation, multiple child care, husband care, bills having to be paid, money stress, high emotions of cooped up family members, and also giving some therapy to those who are still working, as their jobs are considered essential. Lastly, let’s not forget there are those mom’s still having to work outside of the home. Mom’s are also asked to help those who are experiencing so much fear from the virus and those in the family who might be showing signs of getting the disease’s symptoms.

The pandemic restricts where most everyone can and cannot go, and who they can or cannot see, which makes it difficult for many families. There are plenty of ways to make Mother’s Day 2020 a year to remember, by getting back to sentimental homemade gifts, pampering mom by preparing a meal and, this is very important, taking care of the clean-up. Mom’s everywhere are happy to just feel their work is noticed and appreciated. Oh, and husbands, not only celebrate your Mom but don’t forget your wife. So many times Mom’s go above and beyond to help make special days special. Mom also takes care of you, and the kids, every day so help the kids make this a great day for her.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Good things are happening in Wisconsin.
Effective May 1st, nearly all Wisconsin State Parks will be open, however, annual admission passes ($38.00) or trail passes ($28.00) are required. All parks will have new hours; opening from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily and then closing on Wednesdays. Camping will remain closed through May 26th, when the state is supposed to reopen. Admission passes will not be available on-site but can be purchased by calling 888-305-0398. The number of patrons at all parks will be limited, to prevent overcrowding, and park rangers will require patrons to follow all social distancing guidelines. All restrooms, water fountains, playgrounds, and buildings will remain closed. Visitors are encouraged to follow all COVID-19 guidelines to help protect fellow patrons and the wonderful natural resources offered by the Wisconsin State Park system.

Getting Things Ready

Getting Piers ready Lake Geneva

Piers are being painted and ready for summer


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