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The mythical chimerical Wisconsin Newspaper Association.
Last Thursday, after meeting over the course of the last eight months, the board of directors of the Wisconsin Newspaper Association rejected the Geneva Shore Report for membership as a newspaper. They offered to allow the GSR to join as any other “not newspaper’ company would be allowed to join, and pay them for the honor, of course. What does that say about the Geneva Shore Report? What you might expect if you are a regular reader. The GSR is not a traditional newspaper in that neither its news coverage nor its editorial coverage is a product of market driven forces, or obedient to the quietly pervasive power of authoritarian local government. All you need to do is take a look at the local newspapers around the state to see just how limited most news outlets ability to report the reality is. The entire GSR staff, including drone and videography, will be National Newspaper Associationtravelling to Madison, Wisconsin to visit the offices of the supposed Wisconsin Newspaper Association soon, and the experience of that visit will be the GSR’s front page story in the issue following that rather uncommon, unusual, and most certainly interesting visit. One is not often given the opportunity to beard the lion in its own den. Incidentally, the national ‘real’ newspaper associations are not nearly so exclusionary. The Geneva Shore Report is a member in good standing of the National Newspaper Association and the Newspaper Association of America. The managing editor of the Geneva Shore Report is a member in good standing of the American Society of Newspaper Editors, and also a standing member of the very selective and prestigious National Press Club. The GSR is also organized as a Wisconsin Newspaper Corporation in good standing.


The Sister Bay, WI nightmare is a story that’s not really surprising at all.
It’s a story about how Lake Geneva used to be. The town was sold on rebuilding its main street leading along the edge of Green Bay up in Door County to the tune of twelve million dollars. The road was rebuilt during the early summer months of 2014. Sister Bay had six businesses close due to lost revenue. When it was all over, it wasn’t all over. It was just put on hold. In the summer of 2015, the same game players were back to close the town down again, and the twelve-million-dollar road rebuild with curbs and intersections complete, was totally torn up and rebuilt again. This time to the tune of ten million dollars for the installation of new sewer pipes under the road. The owner of the famous restaurant located on that main road (that has goats on its top managing the grass it uses for a roof) was in tears when interviewed. She didn’t know if she could keep the place going. When shown a copy of the GSR, she asked if the GSR could be brought to her town, as the whole idea of the paper is to get the people interested enough to attend local council and board meetings, so as to prevent such outrageous invasions of the taxpayer’s pockets, not to mention the killing off of many of the smaller local businesses. The sewer pipes should have been put in just before the first rebuild occurred, and that would have saved the town only eight million bucks. Incidentally, the population of Sister Bay is only one sixth the population of Lake Geneva so the impact was magnified even more. When the people who actually pay the bills are alerted, then stuff like that does not happen.
Unfortunately, Sister Bay has no newspaper.


Sister bay Road Construction

As Sister Bay prepares to reconstruct its downtown roads and walkways, the village will face road closures and construction maintenance that will affect those passing through. The planned construction will take place between May 2015 and May 2016 on Hwy. 42 between Country Walk Drive and Scandia Road. According to the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) website, the project will consist of full reconstruction of the roadway including sidewalk, curb and gutter additions; replacement of the storm sewer; intersection improvements; corrections of vertical curves and pavement upgrades. From: Door County Pulse



The Lake Geneva City Council did what the Lake Geneva City Council usually does on any given Monday night.
It increased the fees for using the West End Pier, Lagoon slips, Buoys, Dinghies, Kayak Rack and the Boat Launch.

Jim Weiss Town of Linn

Jim Weiss Town of Linn

Meanwhile, on the other side of the lake the Town of Linn Board unanimously voted down allowing every old barn in the area to be converted into a banquet hall for weddings. Why anyone would want to be married in a barn remains something understandable only to people living in the American Midwest.
Jim Weiss, Linn’s knight on white charger, steered the way through troubled waters (or possibly a standing field of dead corn stalks) to success. Town of Linn is also targeting April of 2016 to tangle with the Gordian knot of the town treasurer/clerk position. Will the most revered and excellent Susan Polyock remain as the able public servant filling both positions or will the positions be split apart to be filled by local cronies?



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