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The new communications phenomenon.
People are becoming more and more dependent on cell phones, and as coverage improves, many people are dumping the expense of owning and operating a landline home phone connected by hard wire. How is that impacting telephone etiquette? It’s going the same way that television news facts have gone. Out the window. Young people, in particular, use cell phones differently. They don’t answer when called. They call back if and when they feel like it. They don’t listen to messages, either. If they want to call back, then they let you tell them your message all over again.

And then there’s emergency services. Cell phone towers go down when the electricity is cut off. Hard-wired phones do not work that way, although if you happen to have an older model telephone you can take advantage of that if your plugged in electric phone works the new way. Old dial, and even touch tone phones, did not work off of local electricity, and they still don’t. If you want to be sure of having phone service, then get a hard-wired home phone. It’s especially important for the aged or disabled. There’s little anyone can do about the new manners of cell phone users. The lower level of respect and care are probably here to stay.

Home Depot Lake Geneva

When a big box goes good.
Home Depot. That place is definitely a big box store, and it definitely puts the hurt on any small hardware stores (like True Value) trying to survive out here. What do they do that’s good? How about the veteran’s ten percent discount? Prove you are a veteran and you get ten percent off, just like that. Wow! That’s pretty huge, when you think about it. What other local companies do that? None that the Geneva Shore Report knows about. They also have free classes for kids on how to use their tools. And they have special Purple Heart reserved parking places in their parking lot, and they let the lots be used without charge for special events. They don’t always have the best price, and they don’t always have what someone might want, but they seem to be adding to the community rather than just sucking its innards out.

Grandest Person for the Week

Ingrid Miller Sunseekers Lake Geneva

Ingrid Miller is spreading charm and goodwill throughout the community from her business at Sunseeker’s, located at 624 Curtis in downtown Lake Geneva (behind the Ford dealership at the north end of town). Ingrid and her husband have been in the tanning business for twenty-six years. If you’re a sun seeker, and don’t want to be ‘too white’ in this day and age, Ingrid can and will brighten your day and your body.

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