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Lake Geneva, and Wisconsin itself, fall about half way between a rural life and an urban life.
The difference between urban and rural life is that in a rural environment there is greater self-reliance, which gives greater independence and freedom, versus the urban life where there is greater interdependency with more restrictions, but also more public benefits than in a rural environment. The love of freedom and one’s personal independence is the fundamental difference, not bigotry or intolerance, as some have implied, any more then Eco-terrorism groups or the terrorism of the Animal Liberation Front are representative of those perusing additional governmental regulations and control on the environment, or animal rights issues.

In a rural setting no one tells you what color you can paint your house, nor are permits required to paint it. If you want a fence you can put it up without “stinking” permits. Yes, the old west thinking attracts some of the fringes and rejects of society, but many of those are the type of people who founded this nation (people fleeing oppression and seeking freedom). One’s personal freedom ends when it interferes with another. In a city it is measured in feet and inches, in the rural areas it is measured in miles. It is a different way of life, as different as the American Indians and the European settlers. As long as there are people ruling over people, there will be suppression, oppression, confinement, “rehabilitation” or elimination of those who don’t conform to the standards set up by those in control, and in that aspect the far left is no different than the far right, the Mafia or oppressive religious groups, except that those oppressing and those being oppressed periodically change places, because with time those in charge go to an excess and destroy themselves, and another group takes over.

The difference in the United States of America is that it can be done peacefully on Election Day when the voting public either affirms or changes the direction of our government.

Not So Surprising Beauty of Lake Geneva Region

Fall Beauty of Lake Geneva

The colors are fantastic. This photo taken on South Lake Shore Road last Sunday. What brilliance and how stunning!

More Fall Stuff

Dick malmin Lake Geneva Activist

Dick Malmin, noted Lake Geneva resident and activist comes out of the smoke with the usual Dick Malmin inimitable style. A force among local men and a man to be much admired.

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