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The driving force behind the City of Lake Geneva’s staff to change the comprehensive plan to enable the development of the former Hillmoor Golf Couse property is not about the development of the property as it might appear, at least in the opinion of the GSR writing staff. It appears to be about the lives and reputations of the leadership of the City of Lake Geneva, and the fear of possible repercussions to them if Hillmoor’s land designation remains the same, and it is not changed in the city council’s update of the city’s comprehensive plan.

The Hillmoor property controversy started with a suspected cover-up of city staff deals, actions and agreements that extends beyond what the city’s staff, mayor, and certain council members have done, and this ‘behind closed doors decision-making’ includes participation by two previous mayors and their administrations in which special deals of questionable legality were made that involved the Hillmoor property, Edwards Blvd. extension, drainage ponds, assessments, right of ways and easements. Those are the records of the Hillmoor lawsuit that the city refused to supply in the Hillmoor lawsuit because it would establish the guilt of those involved. The administration’s objective is to continue to protect those involved by granting the changes to the city’s comprehensive plan that opens the development of the Hillmoor property to development and multiplies the 3.5 million-dollar investment in the property by 5 to 10 times its purchased price. Yes, that is what is behind changing of the land use designation (effectively rezoning) of the Hillmoor property, and the rigged study to show the type of development the city will approve.

There was, and is, no justifiable reason for the city to not have supplied those records except to prevent the incrimination of the city officials who were involved. Who are they? Who approved the drainage pond for the Target/Best Buy development to be on Hillmoor property, and where is the access road promised to Hillmoor, and who’s property does it go through and is that path actually a city easement through someone’s property? There are also questions about the city’s payment of the ¼ of a million-dollar assessment for one of the property owners along the Edwards Blvd extension and using that Edward’s Blvd extension assessment, as leverage for the city to effectively use assessment money (that would have been owed back to TIF #4) to buy the Gas company property for the city. Furthermore, there was no reason for the Hillmoor lawsuits to be dropped without conditions, unless there were ‘understood’ conditions with leverage (a threat) to assure that those conditions would be met.

That is the current situation with Hillmoor and it is a repeat of the Hummel settlement. Unless the development of Hillmoor is stopped, we will not only lose Hillmoor but the next target, which is to close down Wrigley Drive and build a Riviera Complex.

Riviera Bricks

Riviera Fund Raising Bricks

Twice a year the beautification committee sells bricks to be placed by the Riviera and this is their fall fundraiser. It’s a fun way to preserve a memory or someone special in your life


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