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The difference between the Walworth County mortality information for 2020 and 2019 reflects the results of the entry of the Coronavirus and the steps that have been taken to reduce the spread of that virus.
The county published data reported, during the first 6 months of the Coronavirus in Walworth County, that there were 36 deaths, which is an average of 6 deaths per month in Walworth County. That number accounts for about 9% of all deaths from all causes in the county. Although the total for the first eight months of the year agrees with that number, the actual increase in deaths during the months of April thru August only accounts for an increase of about 4 deaths per month. This is believed to be because the steps to reduce or control the spread of the Coronavirus also reduce the spread of other communicable viruses and bacteria, such as; pneumonia that also causes/contributes to death as well as there has been a reduction in travel deaths due to less traveling (going to work, school, entertainment, and vacations) which all combined have saved an additional 2 people per month.

The most obvious effect that the virus prevention steps have had is a leveling of the monthly variation in deaths from April to between (69 to 74) versus (52 to 77) and that demonstrates the controlling effect of the preventative measures that were taken. When subtracting 2019 from 2020 the total effect appears more dramatic going from a plus 35 in March, 17 in April, 7 in May, 5 in June, 0 in July, -8 in August. The decrease in the increase in deaths between March and May of 2020 and March and May of 2019 implies that, if the preventative steps had not been taken (masks, social distancing, limiting the size of public gatherings, sanitizing, etc.), then the number of deaths from the Coronavirus in Walworth County would have been 3 to 6 times higher than the 6 per month that actually occurred.


Lest we forget.
Jim Weiss has been the city administrator in Williams Bay for two years, while at the same time holding office as head of the town board in Town of

Jim Weiss

Jim Weiss, Chairman Town of Linn and Village Administrator Village of Williams Bay

Linn.  Most people, including the staff of the GSR, thought he could not properly perform both duties at the same time.  He proved everyone wrong, handling both quite fairly and deftly.  He left the city position at Williams Bay on Monday. He was city administrator when the Yerkes closed and was instrumental in working out a successful conclusion for everyone, with respect to the Yerkes reopening under non-profit ownership.  In the Town of Linn he was terrific in preventing a gun range from being opened that might have risked the students and personnel at a nearby school.  He also managed to keep a terrific employee aboard for a transition to another terrific employee when politics might have cost that woman her job. There is nothing about Jim’s tenure, in either position, that has not seemed to merit the approval of everyone involved.

Thanks for the great service Jim, and we all, at the GSR, hope you continue on with your service to the Town of Linn.




Get the Spook On!

Lake Geneva Halloween

It’s time to get your spook on! For the past ten years, Pauline and Dave have done just that. Check it out on the corner of Sage and Spring Street Lake Geneva.





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