Join Walworth County in the fight against suicide by helping to bring awareness and education on the prevention of suicide.
The Walworth County Fairgrounds is moving forward with hosting the Out of the Darkness Community Walk on Saturday, October 23rd. Now, more than ever, it’s time to show unity and support while being there for one another.  Take the steps necessary to protect everyone’s mental health and prevent suicide. Registration for the walk is free, open to everyone and all donations are appreciated, whether monetary or through volunteering. Every dollar raised through the walk will go to investing in life saving research, education, advocacy, and support for those impacted by suicide. Whether you’ve lost someone to suicide or are struggling with mental illness it can feel like no one understands what you are going through. You can’t just look at someone and know whether they might be having feelings about suicide. To help identify that connection, walkers and volunteers are welcome to wear honor beads. Each color represents a connection to the cause. The Out of the Darkness Walk is a day dedicated to remembrance, hope, and support by uniting the members of all communities. To register or donate please go on the Internet:


Intersection improvement continues to make progress.
The intersection at Edwards Boulevard and Townline Road has been a huge safety concern and plans are underway to resolve the safety issue. This area of roadway is heavily utilized during certain times of the day; among those being the start and end of the school day.  The road is also traveled consistently by young new drivers. The need for a traffic signal has been discussed repeatedly and finally, all players seem to have joined together in coming to a resolution.

The City of Lake Geneva, Lake Geneva Jt. #1 School District, the Lake Geneva – Genoa City School District, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation are going to install a traffic signal and improve the intersection. The preliminary plans have been submitted to the WiDOT for review, which includes signals, lighting, storm sewer, and culverts. The Town of Bloomfield is also a player since part of the intersection is in the town limits and representatives from there will need to sign the engineering services agreement before work can be started.

If final approval is given, then the work is scheduled to begin will require short-term lane closures at times. This again raises safety concerns, regarding the traffic during school start and end times. The possibility of a detour around the intersection under construction may be implemented to enhance safety for all drivers, not to mention pedestrians. Once traffic and staging plans are developed and confirmed all parties will be updated, which will include a timeline for the work to be done and the financial funding of the project.

Lake Photo of the Week

Geneva Lake

Beautiful foggy morning on Geneva Lake

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