Veteran’s Park. Never say never isn’t just the name of a James Bond flick. It’s also the name of an organization attempting to put in handicapped access to all of the park’s features. This non-profit organization was formed to attempt to raise the money for the conversion of the park. Estimates put the price at around two hundred grand. The City of Lake Geneva is willing to put up $13,000.00 of that. What’s wrong with this picture? Why is the City of Lake Geneva not stepping in to take care of making sure the park is available to handicapped people of all sorts? Why has the city decided to pay hundreds of thousands for the re-sodding and tree planting in front of Riviera Pier while ignoring the needs of people to use Veteran’s Park equipment?


Hillmoor Heights Park. Never heard of it? You are not alone. This rectangular section of land, about sixteen acres of it, is part of the Town of Lyons, although it is nuzzled right there up close to The Comfort Inn off of Highway 50 down from the bowling alley. The City of Lake Geneva Board of Parking Commissioners has voted 8-0 to annex the heavily timbered area and make a park out of it. They’ve allotted thirty thousand dollars from the general fund and discussed an additional fifteen thousand to be added to it. What kind of park would that make of this totally undeveloped forest of timber, stone and heavy bracken? That’s unknown. With the city’s history lately, in building the hugely over-priced Brunk Pavilion and then the outrageously expensive landscaping in front of the Riviera Pier, it’s likely the forest will be the park with one unpaved bike path traced through it. The Lake Geneva City Council has not approved of either the annexation or appropriated the funding for this strange park project yet.

Hillmoor Park?


Good News comes rolling in and the Lake Geneva City Council unanimously does something for all residents. It approved Resolution 16-R44 on Monday night, calling on the Wisconsin State Legislature to pass legislation closing tax loopholes that allow commercial properties and businesses to escape paying their fair share of property taxes. Last year alone, five million in property tax dollars were lost because state courts allowed Walgreens and other businesses to slash their property tax burden in half based on the ridiculous “Dark Store Theory.” This theory claims that a thriving business only needs to pay taxes on its property as if that property was left abandoned, so a newly constructed Walgreen’s would be valued the same as a boarded up and abandoned building down the road. This then, unfairly shifts the tax burden to the residential homeowners. Barring raising residential taxes, the municipality is forced to drastic cut in all its services to the community.

New Food Location Lake Geneva

Qdoba Lake Geneva

Qdoba, the newest restaurant in Lake Geneva. This fast food, Mexican restaurant has a large menu selection, prepared with fresh ingredients and served up by a friendly staff. It’s also got the only crispy hard-shell tacos in town. Qdoba is located at 351 Peller Road where the old Sear’s store used to be. Stop in and you won’t be sorry. Try the crispy ground beef tacos!


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