CBD3 Machines.
The stunning failure of these machines to be used by boaters isn’t astounding.  The hoses are too short on the machines to allow trailers to be placed behind or in front of them.  The boats on trailers must come up alongside, which when the machine was placed near the municipal pier a few weeks ago, means the trailer must take up most of the eastern-bound traffic lane of Wrigley Drive.  That cannot possibly work with summer traffic, and when the summer has not started or is over, well, the boat population is damn near zero.  The men who own most of the boats entering and leaving the lake on trailers are older men.  Many have been drinking out on that water, which almost nobody notices much at all either.  How are they supposed to literally get under their boat trailers to pressure wash and then vacuum the bottoms of their hulls?  It can’t, won’t, and isn’t happening.

Nobody is using those very expensive and complex machines.  Machines would have to be erected at every launch site around the lake.  What white elephant idiocy is being propagated upon the public?  Why?   Because Ted Peters and the GLEA do not want to pay the hundreds of thousands to dredge Trinke Estate’s lagoon and the spots along the bottom of the main lake where the Starry Stone Wart has been found.  Is it because the lake will only be slowly ruined (stuffed with growth that cannot, at some point, be recovered from) and that’s too bad for the kids of these mostly old people who have their hands on the finances of every community around the lake?  Only Trinke Estates, which wisely chose a Ph.D. former professor emeritus for a leader, is volunteering to do whatever it takes in its power to help fix this mess.  That guys’ name is Dr. Barry Machado, and he should be the governor of Wisconsin or even president of this wonderful country.  How did the leadership of most other decision-makers of this Geneva Lake area get so mentally damaged?


The Linn Presbyterian Church is once again hosting its fall rummage sale.
The sale is to be held on Friday, September 17th, and Saturday, September 18th. On Friday they are open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., and, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. On Saturday they are open from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., and the price is $5 to fill a bag with all the goodies that will fit. The church is located at W3335 Willow Road and has one of the biggest rummages in the area. Items are located outside in the original shed, also in the new shed, barn, and garage, along with inside throughout the church and school. Shop for everything from furniture, household items, clothing, and much more. It takes many volunteers months to organize the items, price them, and display them. All the hard work and volunteering are appreciated, as this is a favorite event among so many in the community. All funds raised will go towards the school’s needs.

Place of the Week

Spirit Halloween Delavan

It’s that time of year again. The fall season means cooler weather, vibrant colors, and yes, spooky fun. Spirit Halloween is open once again to fulfill your Halloween needs. Located at 2135 E Geneva Street Delavan.


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