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What causes the City of Lake Geneva lawsuits?
Answer: “Understood Agreements”. These are secret agreements that can be written but not signed or not-written but understood and agreed too. In the Hummel lawsuit, it was called a “Memo of Understanding” that was not signed by either party. In an “Understood Agreement” there is a required action of one party to do something first with the understanding that if that action is done, and the desired output of that action is achieved, then the other party will do its part, wherein both parties will sign the undisclosed but agreed on a settlement.

This may sound okay, but it requires and commits actions that those making the Understood Agreement don’t have the authority to do or to assure, but that they will do what they can to assure the desired outcome by applying pressure, coercion, and fear of legal action on those making the decision to assure they make the “right” vote to reach the desired outcome. The only ones to see or know about these “Understood Agreements” are those making them, and sometimes they are shown or explained to those whose actions are required and expected to support the issue. The others who are not expected to support (vote for) are not made aware of the “Understood Agreement,” but given bogus reasons to justify actions to support the hidden agreement. Hidden and secret agreements have plagued the city for the last twenty years.

The excerpt from the Peller lawsuit at the end of this article explains why the city paid the $250,000 assessment for White River LLC. But that explanation is different than what Dennis Jordan said earlier when he was asked why the city paid the Edwards Blvd assessment for Wight River LLC. He said that the White River property did not benefit from the Edwards Blvd extension, but failed to mention that the real value of the Edwards Blvd extension to White River was that it now gave the Hillmoor property access to Edwards Blvd., and having the city pay their assessment covered the city’s authorization for Target to put their drainage pond on White River’s property.

From the Peller lawsuit: “The City used part of the $600,000 paid by Ryan Companies to cover White River’s entire assessable amount. Dennis Jordan testified in his affidavit dated December 12, 2011, that the City and Ryan Companies had an understanding of their 2006 development agreement that the $600,000 would also be used to offset any special assessment of the White River property because White River, LLC had provided property for stormwater management.”

Who in the city was responsible for approving the Target drainage pond being on Hillmoor land, dispersing the $600,000 from Target, and by-passing city approval to purchase the gas company property and getting the Edwards Blvd extension started just before the deadline on the $600,000 gift from Target expired?

Part of the Hillmoor law suit against the city of Lake Geneva was a request for documents that related to who authorized the drainage pond and what other secret and right of way agreements were made in secret (not available to the public) agreements regarding the Hillmoor property.


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