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Gage Marine.
Another season is about to pass under the bridge, so to speak, or write.  Gage Marine has been around since the late 1800s and, in fact, was the first to have a commercial cruise boat on the Geneva Lake waters.  Competitors came from everywhere over the years until the lake became of a mess of competing boats.  Finally, it was decided by all the communities around the lake that Gage would be the one, the “Highlander” of Geneva Lake cruise boat companies.  Today, that “Highlander” operation has turned out to be the best idea, anyone, back in the day, had.  Gage Marine boats are clean, and there are no party boats (wherein youths get aboard, drink, and create all sorts of nightmares of trouble).  The boats are on time and the rates to check out the lake, have dinner on the water, or simply go out and have drinks while touring around are reasonable.  There has been controversy when it comes to pollution, gasoline stored near the lake’s pristine waters, the exhaust of the boat motors, the amount Gage pays for dock rental and other equipment, and finally on the continuance of having one company operate its cruise operation to the exclusion of all others.  The Geneva Shore Report reporters and investigators are always looking, but whenever they find something, which is rare, Gage Marine steps up and fixes the problem.  How can anyone expect more than that?

The virus has canceled yet another fun event in Lake Geneva.
The 24th Annual Fat Tire Ride in Lake Geneva has been canceled, but there is another great ride sponsoring a great cause in the area. The 9th Annual Fat Tire Delavan Bike Ride, to be held Saturday, September 26th at 11 a.m., is still scheduled to take place. This bike ride is a twelve-mile ride around Delavan lake with five scheduled stops along the way. This is not a race, it’s more of a social event, giving riders time to chat and have fun with friends. All proceeds will go to St Andrew’s School and help bring its technology up to date, which has become urgent in these times of the virus. There is still time to register and help make this a success.  Go to or call 262-728-5922.

Place of the Week

Audrey L's, Lake Geneva

Audrey L’s at 259 Broad Street Lake Geneva is open. This women’s boutique has some great American made clothing lines and so much more. Come check it out!

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