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New subdivision?
On Monday, September 16th, the planning commission met, and the comprehensive plan was the main topic. Not only did Vandewalle present a draft of a new comprehensive plan, but an additional agenda item was also presented. The new item was a comprehensive plan review of a single application for property located at the northwest corner of the intersection of Townline Road and Edwards Boulevard. The applicant is 120 Properties LLC. The listed applicants are Ron and Robin Bender, Tax Key No. ZYUP00198.

This item was passed at the planning commission meeting with the understanding that it is dependent on a potential final draft of the updated comprehensive plan.  How is this possible? Do the commission members and other city officials already know what the map looks like? Are they just walking through the process to make it all look legit? There are more steps needed to get this large development started. Traffic studies are a must as that area is becoming more densely populated, and the existing small neighborhood that abuts this property is very concerned about the impact of more potential traffic through their quiet family neighborhood.


Fee Waiver?
“Visit Lake Geneva” is not the typical entity requesting a fee waiver. It is responsible for Winterfest, the largest winter visitor draw to Lake Geneva. “Visit” has been trying to get plans in place for the events that make up Winterfest, and these include making the reservations at the Riviera Ballroom and determining the event banner fees. These issues have been moved from one city meeting to another without receiving any answers. According to alderwomen Flower, the hold-up is due to the lack of set city guidelines in the fee waiver policy.

The Finance, License and Regulation committee met on last Tuesday night and then it was passed on to the city council. Cindy Flower is not on the FLR committee, but that did not stop her from speaking her mind and letting everyone know that when Monday night’s city council meeting gets to this item on the agenda she will be voting “no.” Well, Monday night’s meeting happened and Flower had a change of heart. The vote was a unanimous yes. Visit finally gets an answer and the Winterfest 2020 preparation can begin.

Thank you Cindy Flower. We take back the Cindy “No” Flower cheap shot from the bleachers!


Leaves are Changing

Fall Season in Lake Geneva

Fall has officially arrived with cooler temps and the change of color in the leaves.



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