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New directional signs in Lake Geneva. Sometimes what is written in the Geneva Shore Report draws a quick response and residents fill City Hall because of it. At other times purportedly good ideas appear to get no response. However, good ideas that are repeatedly aired can eventually begin to take hold and move the city in new directions.

The GSR, in addition to providing local information and insight, also provides a platform in print, and on the internet, in which new ideas and original thoughts are expressed. This helps expose the conduct of city officials and helps to eliminate some of the bad city practices while potentially shortening the time for good ideas and methods to be accepted. Outdoor Dining and the new informative map signs were presented years before they were finally accepted and endorsed by the city. Often the local presenter of the idea does not get credit for suggesting it.

For example: Lake Geneva’s new informative map signs, which do not include specific businesses as originally proposed a few years back by Rick Steinberg, do contain other city information to help tourists find and locate city facilities, parks, points of interests and restrooms within the down town business district, as Rick had presented. The new map signs would have been better if they could have been designed to include the location of businesses like most malls and shopping centers have. In any case, everyone should applaud the new information map sign by the Riviera drinking fountain, and by the Flat Iron Park sidewalk even though they don’t contain all of Rick’s ideas.

The new “Smurf” blue information signs that have popped up around the downtown, look okay, but the lettering is a little small for vehicular travel. The lettering should be the same size as the lettering on street signs, both designed for quick easy reading. Also, the signs should be double sided (a sign mounted on both sides of the post) so that the information can be seen from both directions, for tourist convenience. Putting another sign on the back side of the pole would cover the Smurf Blue blank backs that say there is information on the other side of the sign but you can’t see it. A final note: The new Smurf blue information signs are “Pole Signs” currently banned in Lake Geneva, and the Smurf blue color of the signs, is also banned as one of the primary colors; however, the restrictions of city ordinances apparently don’t apply to the city, just the residents and businesses in it. Is this exemption a good or bad thing for everyone concerned?

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