The Bright Side

The monthly Committee of the Whole is under attack.
“One cord of bad firewood” Bob Kordus, an influential member of the finance committee, is supporting changing the meeting of the whole to once per quarter instead of one meeting per month.  The meeting of the whole, incidentally, is the special meeting where the public is allowed to come in and talk directly to the city’s elected officials on any subject they might want to discuss.  The current slate of pretty lousy elected officials does not want to listen.  They don’t want to know, for the most part.

Is there any wonder why the Geneva Shore Report has leaned strongly toward supporting new people who have no attachment and have not become chummy with the big contractors, big box, and contract service people?  The GSR will publish what the finance committee decides.  If the committee votes to reduce those meetings then the measure still has to go to the full city council for ratification, and that support must be by three-quarters of the council voting to make the change.

There is hope.  The GSR will be reporting along the way.

Relocation of Queen Bee

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