The Bright Side

The Lake Geneva Street Department has been out painting faded crosswalks due to heavy traffic.
Yet another sign that summer will soon be coming to an end and school will be starting.  Crosswalks are painted for pedestrian crossings that specify proper locations for students and pedestrians to cross a street.  Crosswalks themselves do not slow traffic or reduce accidents, but by directing pedestrians to use crosswalks designated for school walking routes often times pedestrian safety is enhanced. Some crossings may have a sign, and it is very important that both drivers and pedestrians can see the marked crosswalk.  Lake Geneva has had several injuries occur during this past year from a vehicle’s not yielding to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.  Whether you are the driver or the pedestrian, make sure you are aware of where the marked crosswalks are, approach them with caution, and remember the pedestrian always has the right of way.


The Lake Geneva Fishing Report. (Fishing with Doug Ide.)
The water in the lake is about as warm as it will get this season. Large numbers of people are enjoying the lake, but so are the fish. We have been targeting walleyes at night with decent success; 24” to 14” tow has been the key, troll troll troll! Some suspended crappies best bite has been the first hour of daylight. Haven’t fished Pike or Muskie in 2 weeks, but I would probably start in 25” tow. Blue Gills and Pumpkin Seeds have been a foot off the bottom in 28” tow. Remember when catching fish in deep water, raise them very slowly so their swim bladder does not explode to protect the resource. Largemouth Bass have been caught in different depths. We have gotten them shallow on the wacky worm, and deep on the drop shot with the finesse worms. Chompers Root Beer Flake lure has caught more fish than any other color, by far. Smallmouth Bass have been a little tough, though, anywhere from 20” to 32” tow for smaller fish. Fish have been caught off Conference point 80′ down in a 120′ of water chasing Cisco.

Fun in the Town of Linn

Pig Roast Town Of Linn

Come join in the fun! Tickets are available from any Fire Department member or at the Town of Linn Town Hall.

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