The Bright Side

Article by Terry O’Neill, former alderman, and resident of Lake Geneva:

We can talk about what is right or wrong to do with the Hillmoor property and we can argue about what should or should not be done with that land, but during that arguing, we should not forget about the common elements that bind all of us together that include life and the earth on which we live. Those two elements are more important than the elements that divide us.  Sometimes it is important to step back and look at the big picture of “life”.

The question “When does life begin?” assumes that there is a precise line of demarcation between life and non-life. Although there is a line between life and non-life, it contains an almost unlimited number of possible steps, paths, levels and variations of which, each one of us. There is but a single dynamic point on that line and humanity is a single facet of that line. For us, life in the body that we have, began when non-life elements were combined to form the unique identity with the potential to form the body we have today.

That was our starting point for the body we live in today, but it did not exist then, only the potential from which it could slowly be developed into the body we have today, and that body will slowly deteriorate until it returns back into its non-life elements.  That is a wordy way of saying from dust we came and to dust we will return. Whether you do or do not believe there is a God and/or whether you do or do not believe that we have a soul that lives on, the impact that we make here on earth, also remains here on earth after we are gone. That should be a fact on which we can all agree.  Whether it is the sharing of a concept, thought or the result of physical actions, our impact on the future is our earth legacy.

We do not control the future, but each of us has an impact on it and that impact is collectively and individually the legacy that we leave for those who are to follow.  That legacy is how we will be known by those who follow. If they coin a phrase to describe our generation, then I wonder what phrase they might use. The “greatest generation” fought off national socialism and imperialism and was followed by the next generation that fought off communism. Will this generation’s legacy be the wonderous generation that advanced society and fought off bigotry or the one that wasted opportunity and resources? Each day is another page in the story of humanity, let us make each page of our life be one that we can be proud to have been a living part of that history and of a nation that put its trust in its people and in God.

Place Of The Week

Red Geranium Lake Geneva

After 35 years of wonderful food and service, the Red Geranium will be closing its doors after service on January 1st. Make a point of stopping in for one last meal before they close.


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