The Bright Side

The city took back slips and buoys that were previously rented to Gage Marine, and then subleased by Gage to other individuals. The newly reacquired boat slip and buoy rental rates were discussed at the finance, licensing, and regulation meeting (FLR). The whole point of taking back the spaces, long discussed, was so the city could benefit from the revenue the premiere spaces might generate, instead of allowing an outside private concern to profit from the pricing differential. City officials believe the spaces are worth more than the other city slips and buoys.

The rental rate Gage Marine charged is the starting point the city used to come up with rental rates for 2021. The Piers, Harbor, and Lakefront Committee recommended that the 2021 slip rate will be $5,934.22 and the 2021 buoy rate will be $2,591.08, both to include tax. This is the price Gage Marine was charging. The FLR committee recommended the rates to be increased 0% for residents, 2% for non-resident property owners, and 5% for non-residents without ownership. The current boat slips, buoys, and kayaks were also on the agenda for discussion, and possible rate increases. Alderperson Fesenmaier made a motion to not increase resident rates at all, but that motion died for lack of a second. It was a sincere effort and fight for the people on her part. However, the committee voted to recommend an increase of 5% for residents and 8% for non-residents and non-resident property owners. The city is trying to increase city revenue, as 2020 has been a rough year on more than just a financial level for everyone, not just the city, and the difficulties in collecting taxes next year, from a public that has much less money looming on the horizon.

Persons of the Week

Persons of the Week Lake Geneva Shore report

Both these ladies are a joy to be near, full of spunky and good cheer. Kimberly from Inspiration Ministry and Beth from the Bottle Shop team up for a wonderful Christmas event!

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