The Bright Side

Where have all the Snowmen gone?
There was a time when they filled our yards, but today they are gone. Perhaps they are extinct. When was the last time anyone saw a real snowman in a Lake Geneva yard? Even reported sightings of a Snowman in Lake Geneva seem rarer than reported sightings of Big Foot or the Beast of Bray Road. Has the Snowman gone the way of the Tasmanian Tiger and the Dodo Bird? Will internet videos and pictures on You-Tube be our only visual reminders of snowmen? Will the memories of Frosty be virtually erased from our DNA with only the occasional “Brain Freeze” from drinking a slushy too fast be the last trace reminder of our early human development with snowmen?

Will it be like the hiccup that initiated the transfer of breathing water to breathing air, but is now just an annoying embarrassment? Things and traditions from the past will fade, but some are worth keeping. Building a snowman makes use of an available resource, and it takes effort, planning and it teaches the fundamentals of construction and cooperation, which are the type of skills needed to build a survivable outpost on Mars. A scenario, which if mankind is fortunate, it may soon find itself in. The use of available material, human effort and cooperative planning will be required and guiding fundamental principles for the first humans who will call Mars home. To preserve the art of making a snowman, it could be added to the school curriculum, or perhaps even to the winter Olympics, otherwise it may become just another lost art like flint knapping, or hoop rolling.


Not Too Bright?

Brunk Monument

Now what does one do when one has hired supposed professionals to chisel something into stone and the supposed professionals get it wrong…other than simply go ahead and put it up, we wonder. And isn’t it edifying to observe the mighty list of mini donors who put up whatever it is the Bunk thing is supposed to be.



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