The Bright Side

The Lake Geneva Business Improvement District (BID)
met Wednesday, July 8th, after a three-month break, and came back ready to help make downtown better than ever. The BID, along with the City of Lake Geneva and VISIT Lake Geneva, started the Lake Geneva Cares campaign, in order to remind the public to wash hands frequently, maintain social distancing, wear masks and, if feeling ill, to stay home or consult with a doctor. The committee had signs made and has placed them throughout the Geneva Lake area as a friendly reminder to everyone. Mayor Klein gave a city update and announced that the city is looking for sponsors for the shuttle services offered on busy weekends in Lake Geneva, which is usually during festivals or big events. VISIT also gave an update of what its members have been doing since the start of the pandemic. They’ve canceled all partner and chamber meetings and events until they feel it is safe to do so again. They have also added some new pages to their website, to include updates on what businesses are open or closed and also a gift card directory for local businesses. Hotels have been sold out on the weekends but occupancy is down 39% for the year, which is better than expected. The Visitor Center hours have been extended to Thursdays through Mondays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. A rack for the visitor guides has been placed outside the front door, and by the Riviera Beach, to help alleviate some of the traffic into the building which is limited to four visitors at a time.

Oktoberfest was also discussed in great length, and some committee members are not comfortable with holding an event that size at this time. There are concerns with social distancing, touching of surfaces, and crowd control. The event coordinator, Kristina Tarantino, recommended scaling the event back. She suggested having four different quadrants with stages for live music and kid’s shows, food, drinks, and other events. This would allow the attendees to spread out and not congregate at one main area while spreading the event throughout downtown to help promote businesses that are not right on Main Street. No final decisions were made and the topic was tabled until next month’s meeting.

New Equipment for Lake Geneva Fire Department

Lake Geneva Fire Department

Lake Geneva Fire Department gets a new vehicle.



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