The Bright Side

This past Saturday was the 53rd annual Williams Bay volunteer fireman’s chicken roast.
Another great turn-out in spite of the rainy weather, but according to the village fire inspector, the best turn-out was Laura Washer, Williams Bay’s Police Chief. The wonderful Police Chief Laura Washer whose position is temporarily being filled by Chris Severt, former Walworth police chief, made an appearance.  Police Chief Washer, still walks assisted by a walker and is still in therapy, but Police Chief Washer has returned to light duty working five days a week for four hours a day and was hoping to be back to work full time by July 9th.  She hasn’t reached that goal just yet, but what is definite is her tenacity to get out to local events and show her support for the community and to resume her job. In return, Williams Bay residents are anxious to see her back in uniform working full time and to give her all the support she needs.

Person of the Week

Javier Soto

Javier Soto is a great kid who works hard, helps others, and does it all with a genuine smile. You can catch him working most days working in landscaping at The Ridge Hotel. Make sure you say “Hello,” that’s if he doesn’t say “Hi” first.


Library signage.
The new library sign is up and running little lit letters across its surface, for all the people driving up and down Main Street across the newly redone and reopened part of the road. The library must now decide whom it wants to favor with what it decides to publish on the moving message electronic sign. This problem, often dilemma-filled for media outlets, will soon evidence itself as demands are made. Welcome to the business of mass media production Lake Geneva Library!


Marsala's Pizza Lake Geneva

Marsala’s is gone. No reason. Just Gone!

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