The Bright Side

Ripping and tearing. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is proposing to reconstruct WIS 120 from US 12 to the north side of Como Creek Bridge and is scheduled to begin April 2, 2018. Project Schedule: early April to November 2018. This new construction will tear the intersection of Highway 12 and Interchange North. Interchange North is the name of that long road, mostly called Broad Street, as it converts from South Lake Shore Drive and flows all the way north and south through Lake Geneva. This construction will add to the nightmare of Lake Geneva’s current downtown road construction. On the other side, further west, Highway 67 is going to be torn up too. The construction picture becomes fully framed.

Here’s the quote from the Wisconsin Department of Highways about the new project: “WIS 120 will be completely reconstructed within the limits identified, including new roundabouts at the ramp terminals with US 12. A new bridge will be built over Como Creek, new signals will be installed at E. Geneva Square, and environmentally engineered drainage basins will be constructed. The construction will require short-term and long-term closures with detours of the roadway and ramps, but access to all properties will be maintained throughout the project.

So you think you can, or might want to, dance?
Maybe you can or maybe you can’t, but you may have a special occasion coming up where you want to impress your friends with your dance moves.  Maybe you watched a Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, or Gene Kelly movie or Dancing with the Stars, and are now inspired to get out there and dance.  Whatever the reason, you now have an opportunity to learn how to ballroom dance.  On April 11th, at the Horticultural Hall, you can learn to ballroom dance by taking six lessons offered by professional instructor Krystian.  Cost is $120 dollars per person for all six lessons, and registration is required no later than April 5th.  You do not need a dance partner, beginners and all levels are welcome. So keep moving, stay fit, and come join the dance class.  For more Information Email to

Plenty of Parking

Center St Lake Geneva

3:00 p.m. Sunday on Center Street. It is a fluke or are people boycotting the $2.00 meters? Time will tell.


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