The Bright Side

“Lake Geneva” has been named America’s “Best Small Town for Adventure” by the USA Today readers.
This is good news for the area and it should bring more people to the area. But, where is this small town of “Lake Geneva?” Lake Geneva is not a small town, in fact, it isn’t even a town, township, village or a city. Officially it is only a postal area, but often the name refers to a couple of mile area that surrounds the City of Lake Geneva and/or sometimes includes the couple of mile area bordering Geneva Lake that includes Williams Bay, Fontana, and parts of Linn and Geneva townships. Lake Geneva is both a place and an image. The beauty of the place is a reality of the area, but it is the image of the area that is used to sell and motivate people to visit and move to the area. The real attraction of the area is the beauty of the area; whereas, the exaggerated image that is being used to sell the current developments and the developments being planned and envisioned by our civic leaders may be its downfall. Developments that include the expansion of stores, restaurants, single and multiple tenement housing, hotels, etc. will increase the impact on the lake and the area, such that the reality of these developments will override the reality of our small town atmosphere that makes the area so attractive and with that, the small town image will crumble as those who have profited, leave the city that they squandered. Sometimes the truth of development hurts.


Community members and business owners are ready for the big Memorial Day crowd this weekend.
It is hoped that all those tourists don’t enter from the northeast on Highway 120 near Piggly Wiggly through the new traffic or calming circles or glorietas (Sp), as the roundabouts are sometimes referred to in foreign countries. The overgrown landscape on that entrance to Lake Geneva is an eyesore. Whose responsibility is it to maintain those roundabouts one might ask? Well, the highway has a state highway sign, so does the state mow the ever growing tall grass? If one checks with the City of Lake Geneva street department, those employees will merely shrug their shoulders. Why should they add one more job to their growing pile of “we don’t-know-how-to-say-no to developers” list? What about Walworth County? Do they have to mow when the state won’t do the job?

Stay tuned for the answer…
and a more manicured boulevard before the observation of honoring our Veterans.


Click It or Ticket.
The National Seat Belt Enforcement Mobilization campaign started Monday, May 20, 2019, and continues through Sunday, June 2, 2019. Police officers will be randomly stationed throughout the area and specifically watching to see if anyone is not wearing a seatbelt, and if anyone is not they will be giving citations. The campaign is not about the citations, however, it’s about saving lives. Seat belt usage is required by law because belts have been proven to significantly help reduce injuries as well as save the lives of those in serious car accidents. Seat belts are the single most effective way to prevent both drivers and passengers from being ejected from a vehicle. Remember a citation for not wearing your seatbelt is considered a moving violation, goes on your record, and can affect your insurance, so always “click it” or chance getting a ticket.

Getting Ready

Riviera Fountain

The Street Department is bringing in the fountain experts to get the Riviera Fountain level and running in time for Memorial Day Weekend!

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