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The Riviera was the big-ticket item on the Piers, Harbor, and Lakefront Committee agenda.
The public was anticipating an update on what the next step would be in the remodeling, and what it would look like. The meeting did not go as anticipated as the items concerning the Riviera were all continued to the next meeting, to give the committee members time to go over the many renderings, documents, and the many different possibilities for the Riviera. The historic designation as well as grants available, if the Riviera is on the historic registry, and the city’s ability to apply for or hire a grant specialist to apply for the grants is a complicated topic and new to the newly elected officials. The new members of the committee are still getting their footing and getting up to date on decisions and plans made by their predecessors.



The Lake Geneva Public Library is getting ready to allow patrons to browse once again.
During the first phase, which starts on June 8th, they will allow patrons in ten at a time. The library is mandating entrance by appointment only, which they will be scheduling in two-hour increments. During those two hours, up to ten patrons will be able to browse, enjoy the library, and check out items. Appointments can be scheduled by email at, or by phone at 262-249-5299. Patrons wishing to make an appointment will be required to wear a mask while in the library. The library staff is doing a wonderful job at cleaning and keeping the library sanitized and safe for the employees and patrons utilizing curbside delivery. Curbside delivery had been very successful and will continue into June.

Lake Geneva Farmer’s Market to Open May 28, 2020

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