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The rural cell phone controversy rages on.
This newspaper has written a series of articles, over the past five years, about the phony cell phone towers erected in rural areas (like that of the area surrounding Geneva Lake). The government of the U.S. appropriated hundreds of millions of dollars in the late nineties to build cell phone towers in rural areas of America so that small regions that could not afford to put in towers would have communication coverage.   The towers were built. The tax money was collected and paid. Then the towers were selectively turned off, one by one. The contract with the companies putting up the towers specified only that they had to provide the public with ‘adequate’ coverage. The cell phone companies, all of them, figured out that it cost between eight hundred to a thousand dollars a month to supply each cell phone tower with electricity. So, the cell phone companies turned off all the rural ones they’d been paid to put up. That includes all nine towers located in and around Geneva Lake. What they have done is illegal. By acting together, they’ve violated federal law, but nobody is holding them accountable and mainstream media will not run the story. Now they are back. They want more money to build more towers in rural areas where they are already denying coverage by keeping existing towers turned off. Only in America!


Restaurant week begins.
Lake Geneva Restaurant Week begins on Saturday, June 1st and runs through Sunday, June 9th. This week is all about celebrating Lake Geneva’s culinary community and the fabulous food it creates. The twenty-three participating restaurants will offer special menus and prices all week for breakfast, two-course lunches, and three-course dinners. This is the week to visit your favorite restaurants and try out some new ones. On top of this, Lake Geneva Country Meats has donated a five thousand dollar check that will go to whichever of the five local non-profit organizations that receive the most votes from the participating diners.


Tristan Crist Magic Theater is packing up and making the move to its new theater.
The last of the shows in the downtown location was on Sunday, May 26th. The next show will be at the new location in June. Tristen has been performing at the intimate little theater on Sage Street for almost four years and has outgrown the location, which is not surprising since it is one of the top attractions in Lake Geneva. The new theater is located on Edwards Boulevard and is much bigger and grander, which means the illusions will be bigger and grander, and the theater will be able to accommodate three times the audience. This is as an exciting time for Tristan Crist and his magical staff, and also for Lake Geneva itself.

Day at the Beach

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