The Bright Side

Green Space.
Driving on Hwy H, between the City of Lake Geneva and Como, one goes by the Primex/Klockit building on the south side of the road, where for many years the Klockit store had been located at the western end of the building. As one goes by the building, it is obvious that all the grass in the marked off area has been killed, but why? Although one might speculate, it is part of a green space initiative to convert the area back to being more natural, presumably more native species, than a mowed lawn of Kentucky grasses. The first step, which is what you see now, was to kill off all of the invasive grasses, weeds, etc.

Fortunately, they can do this, because this area is outside of the City of Lake Geneva city limits and the city’s restrictive cosmetic ordinances do not apply such as the one that prohibits natural growth to a maximum height of 12 inches. Or whatever ordinance the city used to fine the artistic display of flowers around the transition corner of Williams Street to E Sheridan Springs Rd. (Interchange N).

It will be interesting to watch the area as it is transformed into a more natural green space, but whatever it is, it will be better for the environment than an area of mowed weeds.

Santa Arrives

Santa and Mrs Claus Lake Geneva

With a little help from the Elves and some games along the way, the kids had no problem waiting in line for a chance to see Santa & Mrs. Claus!

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