The Bright Side

The first Sunday of Advent.
The word in Latin means “coming.” Christmas is coming, although the weekly candle vigil regularly held on Sundays up until the 25th of December is more about a recreation of the supposed nativity scene than about the rest of the celebratory events that current surround it. Whether the Jesus Christ passion play actually happened as it is said to have happened by so many Christian leaders is immaterial. Christian leaders are human, and humans are flawed. What does make sense is the story of the New Testament and the wonderful message it sends through time. Look after one another. Feed the poor. Visit prisoners. Heal the sick. Concepts that are paid lip service by most religions, but concepts that should be followed by everyone all year long no matter what religion they believe in. Twenty-Eight days until another great Christmas comes rushing in. Merry Christmas.

Advent Trees 2015

Susan Polyock. Now that’s a bright holiday name, and if you don’t think so then you haven’t met her. The Town of Linn just gave her a three percent raise, which did not go down well with town board member Chris Jones. At first, Chris “No Free Lunch” Jones had researched all the towns of the same size all over Wisconsin and concluded that Polyock was the highest paid. The inference left unsaid there was that Susan should probably have received a fifty percent pay cut for Christmas, and maybe a load of coal in her stocking. However, Jim “Godsend” Weiss came rushing in like Santa and overrode the Jones “Scrooge” attempt. Susan gets a well deserved three percent increase in 2017 and then another in 2018. And that is the good news for Town of Linn during this Christmas season. Chris Jones, by the way, money wasn’t everything and voted to support Jim Weiss and Susan Polyock, in the end.

More Brightness in Lake Geneva

Brittney Jetters Piggly Wiggly Lake Geneva

Brittney Jeters is the woman to see who makes divine flower arrangements at the flower section of Piggly Wiggly. Here she finishes a wonderful Thanksgiving to be delivered to Amy at Amy’s Shipping Emporium (because Amy is so cool!).

More of the Bright Side

Boy Scout ChristmasTree at Dunn Lumber

Boy Scout Troop Number 235 could use some help in placing these Christmas Trees. In the Christmas tradition, Dunn Lumber helps out and everyone in the market for a fresh live Christmas tree ought to do the same.

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