The Bright Side

Lake Geneva Harbor-Master.
Linda Frame is the new Lake Geneva Harbor Master and she is wonderful. She has been on board for a few weeks and is already busy cleaning up the decks. There are some issues that have been lingering and Linda has begun making changes to address them. The biggest issue concerns the maintenance of clean bathrooms. Clean bathrooms may not sound like a big deal, but for various reasons, the issue has been highly complained about for some time.

Lake Geneva has thousands of visitors who come and stroll the outdoors and hang out at the lake and parks every day, and while they are here they

Linda Frame, Lake Geneva Habormaster

Linda Frame Lake Geneva’s new Harbor Master!

often utilize the bathroom facilities. Those facilities require regular maintenance and cleaning. Frame spoke with the city and staff and has incorporated a plan to make sure the job is now done at all times. Also, the beach staff will now have to have a background check, like the rest of the city staff, does, to help ensure that employees are reliable and serious about their jobs and have a crime-free history, as well. Staff will be directed and rotated to clean bathrooms on a continual basis starting with the restrooms at the west end of Library Park, then moving down the line to the restrooms attached to the backside of the library and onto the Riviera Beach House restrooms, and then finally to the Visitors Center restrooms.

Cleanliness says a lot about the respect Lake Geneva has for its residents and its visitors. Linda has also been busy with the buoy and slip renters. She is cleaning up the renter’s list and verifying the information to ensure that they are in fact rented and respected. The piers and buoys are being inspected for repairs and possible replacements that may be needed. The Riviera is another area within the purview of the Harbor Master’s position, and Linda has not overlooked it. The Riviera is and has been a big deal to her as she is a lake and boat person, and has been her whole life. The committee members present were extremely impressed with her report, and the plans she shared at the Piers, Harbor, and Lakefront meeting. It looks like there will be smooth sailing with Linda Frame at the helm of the piers and harbor ship.


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