Uber Alles:

The tales of the Geneva Shore Report Uber driver.

I drove on over to Gordy’s boat house for fish fry with a buddy in Fontana. We finally got our table, after a wait, due to being busy on a beautiful Saturday night.  I noticed a lady looking a little upset that there were no tables for her and she was in for a long wait.  I invited her to join us at our table since there were two of us and five places at the table.  She accepted and thanked me. We all ordered together and got our food and talked about what each of us did.  I told her that I was an Uber driver and so was my buddy. She was very intrigued by that.  She thought that was a great idea, as she had always had trouble getting rides when she came up from Chicago.

She proceeded to tell us about her friend who won the lottery and was coming up the next weekend and would love an Uber driver at his command She asked for my number.  I gave it to her without hesitation and we ended the night with smiles around.  The next weekend I was at the fish fry again and got a call from Uber.  Guess who?  That’s right, it was the gal and her millionaire lottery winning friend.  They needed a ride, so I, being the dutiful Uber driver that I am, finished my supper quickly and was on the job. I picked the neat couple up at their location after driving around forever in Abbey Springs trying to find that location and dropped them at Chuck’s. They didn’t pay me. I assumed they would pay me later when I came to get them.  Sure enough, I got a call later that evening to pick them up again at Chuck’s and take them to the Studio Winery in Lake Geneva, so I did just that.  They said they were going to the pub across the street after the winery.  They did not pay me. I assumed they would pay up at the end of the night, so I went my way.  I got a call from them later that night to pick them up from the pub.  They were not there and they’re number came back disconnected.

My lesson?  Always get the credit card up front so it’s all entered into the system.
Oh, and never pick up anyone who’s purportedly won any lottery.

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