Uber Alles:

The tales of the Geneva Shore Report Uber driver.


Over the past year The Geneva Shore Report Uber driver has driven approximately 25,000 plus miles with the company, making trips to Chicago’s O’Hare airport twenty-nine times, Milwaukee’s Mitchell Airport thirty-seven times, and even so far as up to Green Bay and to the Michigan border.  He has taken riders from bar to bar, from strip club to strip club, to party from house to house, driven for bridal & bachelor parties and visited every country club within fifty miles of his base in Lake Geneva.  His normal ride is one person, but he’s had as many as seven people jam into his vehicle (in ‘adjusted’ states). His clients have been as old as a couple in their nineties and as young as teenagers too young to drive. He’s been informed about (and discussed): marriages; having children; financial investments; political elections; and positions (the driver has none of any of those things). The list of accolades the driver has received have been uplifting to him, and motivate him to continue to work as best as he is able, to serve the public, and make a living by so doing.

The compliments written to Uber about him have included “super cool dude,” “our twentieth Uber ride, and the best of all,” “not just some taxi driver kind of man.” This Uber driver has just finished his first year at his new career, a career he never thought he would take seriously, or do full time. He hopes the public he serves is as happy with his decision as he is.

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