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Planning Commission of the City of Lake Geneva
November 16, 2015


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Planning Commission Lake geneva


Long and lively meeting November 16th.

1. Lengthy discusion regarding the new “Symphony  Bay” project.

2. Lots of public input regarding project and drainage problems on another planning request.

3. Star of the evening was Planning Commission Member Cindy Flowers….
listening  to her questions and concerns, one gets the impression she is well read, not easily bowled over by the rubber stamp “good old boys club”.
Listening to Brian Pollard answering some questions it seems he doesn’t own all the facts.

4. An interesting dialog ensues when Commissioner Flowers asks about conflict of interest of the project using the same Engineering firm, Kapur & Associates   One answer was “For years that is the way it has been”   This issue wil be discussed again.

These meetings can be long and boring,
but understanding how the future of your town is in control
of a few should be of importance.
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