The “alley “code of ethics. 

Letter to the editor.  The Geneva Shore Report apparently steps on its own shoelaces once again.  Here is a letter to the editor from a former business owner (Salami Sam’s) who believes she was not represented well by this paper:


“I would like to bring to your attention that what you printed about Salami Sam’s and Oakfires “Garbage War” in the Shore Report on Wednesday April 1 st was inaccurate.  Was it an April Fool’s joke?  No I don’t think so.  Just another story that did not have the facts before it went to print!  When Scuttlebutt’s closed and remodeling started happening a the new “Wonderful new luxury (and Original) pizza place, they started putting their Construction garbage in Salami Sam’s dumpster.

We talked to the Manage and Head Chef when they came to Salami Sam’s to buy cigarettes, Monster Drinks and various other items.  The Manager even said to me, well we are having a hard time controlling the Construction Crew. I told them to stop putting their garbage in Salami Sam’s Dumpster, Plain and simple.

There is a code of ethic in that alley between all businesses that operate. You don’t throw your garbage in someone else’s Dumpster. Picking up garbage is not free! They simply chose not to follow that code of ethic. When Kitchen production started at Oakfire I started finding their bags of garbage as well. We tried a final time to reason with the People in charge, and we warned them that we would take the garbage out that they were disposing in Salami Sam’s Dumpster, and put it on their front door the next time it happened an they said it would not happen again.

So last Sunday March 30 as I closed up the Deli for the last time, I took my 2 final bags of Garbage to my Dumpster, knowing it was my final time to throw it away since the Garbage Company was to pick it up the final time on Monday Morning.  And guess what their Construction garbage and kitchen Garbage was in my dumpster leaving very little room for my garbage.  So yes I walked it over to their front door.  I also left a typed note taped to the front door that did apply to the problem Salami Sam’s was having with Oakfire so it do not apply crucial information and I am including a copy so you can see it, and Nasty or not at least I was Adult enough to leave my name!

When I got to Salami Sam’s Monday March 31 at 9 a.m., there was the garbage that they threw in Salami Sam’s Dumpster plus the construction Garbage and more at my front door with a crude hand written note on a piece of cardboard that said “Dear Deborah Do not dump somebody else’s garbage on our doorstep if it happens again, I’ll contact the police.” So I took all the “offending garbage that was not mine and put it by their back doors. I went over and wanted to talk to them. I got no response so I called the police first. The Police went over to talk to them.

At around 3:15 p.m. on Monday March 31, the manager came and brought the “offending garbage” and placed it back by my front door.  I was out in the parking lot as he did it and asked what are you doing? “This is not my garbage,” I said.  He did not try to talk sense to me.  He just yelled obscenities.  I tried for months to talk sense to the people in charge.  So I called the Police again at approx. 3:30 p.m. The police advised me that I should have contacted them on the matter sooner and they would given them a ticket on the offense but I did not, I tried to work with them, as a neighboring business and they ignored the problem.

Also, I would like to point out that we sold Salami Sam’s as everyone knows now.  For 2 weeks and article has been written about a business we put so much time and effort in.  Neither them good articles reflecting the good we tried to do for the downtown area. When we placed it for sale you Jim came in to talk to us to ask questions as to why.  Not once have you ever mentioned why in the Shore Report. Why is that?  When we decided to sell a business that we put so much time, effort and money into, it would need a good reason. But not once have you brought that to light.  My health is not good.  I shared that with you. The Auto Immune Disease I have is raging a war inside my body and I am physically not capable of working the kind of hours and have the strength to run a small business anymore. Instead you wrote in the Shore Report that “Salami Sam’s Deli bites the Dust” in the March 18 edition instead of writing something positive and true you gave everyone a Greek Mythology Lesson! You misquoted me again.  You accused my son of vandalizing Ruth’s store last December and when I proved you wrong you never apologized.  You have been a friend and a fore.  You are both liked and disliked in the Lake Geneva area.  I just wish you could get the facts straight before your write things that can damage people’s character. My father was a smart Man and he taught me this Quote “There are 3 sides to every story, Yours, Mine and the Truth.

Deborah Dalzell


Editor’s note:  The above letter was published as written without correction or editing. The Lake Geneva community will no doubt miss Deborah, Bill and Salami Sam’s Convenience Store, as will the staff of the Geneva Shore Report.  The GSR has not and will not report on health conditions of business owners motivating their continuance or giving up their respective businesses.  Deborah was acquainted only with a verbal caution about whoever was seen in a video vandalizing Ruth’s storefront (because he might have resembled her son). Stills from the video were run in the paper but with facial features deliberately blurred.


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