You get 25 GSR points (which you can add to any parking meter) if you can tell me where #1 and #2 meters are located in our city.

All of these parking spots were 7 convenient tourist bus parking spaces. They have all been deleted (except two) in lieu of paid auto spaces ending with parking spaces #1116 and #1115 in our city.

Where are the buses supposed to park while waiting for their passengers to get off the boats? This presents more problems for Gage tours.

After calling Lake Geneva City Hall, the The Geneva Shore Report was told the buses can park in two spaces on S. Lake Shore Dr, two slots by the Sage Street facility or in Dunn Field Parking facility.


Very cold treatment!

This isn’t the first virginal experience! Last year the Geneva Shore Report ran a story about similar serial vandalism occurring in about the same neighborhood. No culprits were admitted to much less found.

On the morning  of 06-11-15, Our department was notified for several vehicles that had been damaged in the 1000 block of Pleasant St and Trostels. We are asking anyone residing in the area if they heard or saw anything or have any information to identify the subjects involved.

If there is any information please call the Lake Geneva Police Department


What’s Normal


Parking Fiascos Lake Geneva

These rotten semi-truck trailer combination monsters area still wrecking Lake Geneva parking and streets. This one was parked on Cook street for about an hour with its million horsepower4 diesel running, blocking cars (it did move when the shopowner thoughtfully came out and talked to the driver) and generally making auto pollution seem like nothing at all.


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