The Winkler Sprinkler, giving a representative middle finger to California’s water shortage, pours out gallons of fresh stuff a minute.

Due to the fact that occasionally water mains need to be flushed, Mr. Winkler had a water main on Skyline drive opened to full and then left open for several days. Thousands of gallons of pure fresh water poured out per hour. It might be wondered just how flagrant people living in such abundant fresh water areas are to be held accountable while countrymen and women in other parts of the more parched country aren’t even allowed to sprinkle their dying lawns.

Winkler's Water Waste

The Winkler Sprinkler device, as it is termed on the attached note.  The entire plumbing affair might symbolize what Mr. Oborn, Lake Geneva’s coming City Administrator might need to do with the department of public works.  Blow it off.  Or blow it up.  Mr. Oborn, bring Lake Geneva’s utilities home!


The Geneva Java Coffee Shop, the place where the GSR got its start four years ago, is coming back with a vengeance. The photo of their new digs is in this issue! Welcome back Geneva Java Coffee Shop. No subterranean basement for this new operation. The Peterson couple, owning and operating the shop have secured a lease to replace Wilson Meat’s, located at 252 Center Street just across from Starbuck’s. Starbuck’s is complaining about the nearby competition but why would they not? Warm charm, quiet, and with great fresh sandwiches and soups, the GJ is a force to be contended with when it comes to the coffee shop world. There are three coffee shops in Lake Geneva; Peet’s and Starbuck’s on Main and the GJ on Center. Residents and visitors are blessed to have such terrific choices. The Geneva Java is set to re-open at the beginning of June. Check it out.
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Invasive species. Jeff, the unknown Lake Geneva painter with a guerilla following, is hard at work in his postage stamp studio flooded with light. Jeff Johnston is working on commissioned art of all types. His work hangs in some of the most expensive homes around the lake, as well as all over the walls of the Geneva Inn. Recently, he started working on making his representations of local flora, especially local flora, that hasn’t always been local. His studio is upstairs from the new Geneva Java Coffee Shop in that same building (252 Center Street in downtown Lake Geneva). Stop in there. He not only lets you hang around with a hot cup of GJ coffee in your hand, but he’ll actually talk about his art, if not perform it while you watch. Jeff Johnston. Local. Great. And a lot of fun.

Jeff Jonston Artist Lake Geneva

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