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The Town of Linn won’t be receiving $45,000 a year for the next 5 years if the Geneva Inn Annexation should happen. Attached is the Property Tax information supplied by the Geneva Inn as part of their annexation application to the City of Lake Geneva. Based on the valuation shown, the Geneva Inn would pay a tax bill, for 5 years, of approximately $735,000, if it remained in Linn.  Of that sum, the Town of Linn would get a total of $66,438.15 in property taxes over a period of five years, or about $13,500 per year. So, $66,438.15 is the total amount Linn would receive from the City of Lake Geneva, if the Geneva Inn was annexed into the city.

What is surprising though, was to see that the Town of Linn only gets $13,500 a year in taxes from the whole Geneva Inn complex, and only $7500 from the Geneva Inn itself. What’s even more amazing, or rather more disheartening, is that any leadership body in the City of Lake Geneva would allow annexation into the city so the Geneva Inn is permitted to commercialize the lakeshore. Plus afflicting its neighbors with the worst possible venue one could imagine in a residential neighborhood: a banquet hall. Forgoing the good will of the community and violating the most sacred and inviolable law that has prohibited commercialization of the residential lakeshore for over 150 years, in order for the city to collect a few more dollars a year in taxes, just doesn’t make sense.

It can be agreed that a banquet hall is a nice place to visit, but a banquet hall is the scourge of a residential neighborhood for noise, parking and general all hour disruption. Nobody with any sense of community concern or property values would want one in their neighborhood. The phrase ‘banquet hall’ is simply a euphemism for a party place with noise pollution where people spend a lot of money so they can let their hair down, become uninhibited, and act totally free to celebrate something important to them. Unfortunately, the ensuing revelry is oftentimes a recipe for disaster in a quiet neighborhood because many times it means carousing and hollering in the streets, blowing car horns in celebration, or it can also mean too much alcohol, fights, injuries and police sirens, not to mention loud music playing after midnight.

Can one family’s business expansion be worth all that to the rest of the community?

Geneva Inn Tax Document


Living Here is Now More Fun

Lake Geneva Tennis Club

Lake Geneva Tennis Club is officially open. What a great addition to the community. Large, well lit and a great game, set and match.

Great Coffee Perk from Living Here

Geneva Java Lake Geneva

Geneva Java is not your average coffee shop. They offer a free pastry with each coffee, tea and/or cocoa everyday, all day. And on Wednesday enjoy a International dinner and dessert for only $10 per person (reservations required). Not to mention seating on the patio where you can enjoy breakfast or lunch, with coffee, beer and/or wine. Java is located at 252 Center St.

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