Dear City of Lake Geneva,

These past few days have been 60 degrees and higher. This past weekend I had 127 adults and children asking for a bathroom (at the Kite Store). This is an increase of more than 30% from the previous year, on nice weather weekends. We, as a city, are inviting more and more people each year. And each year for the past 26 years I have asked the city to please consider building bathrooms. Did you? Nooooo, you built a Bocce Ball court! And a dog park, and a golf disc park, and now bridges for the golf disc park, but no more bathrooms. For heavens sake, cities around the world have bathrooms which they post on their websites and in brochures for immediate location. Is there any reason one city worker couldn’t come down here in the morning to unlock the bathrooms and another worker come back at night to close the bathrooms? How hard would it be to turn the water on in nice weather? Then turn it off again? Please get this done this year!

Thank you, Ruth Hackman Aerial Stunt Kites, Lake Geneva, WI 53147

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