The Great Rip-off Repair Report on the George Street Road Project.

The ripple effect of one decision affecting another can be seen and felt as one travels over the growing up and down ripples on recently repaved George Street.


The ripples are harbingers of bigger things to come (Highway 50 immediately comes to mind!), sort of like the pre-shocks before the main earthquake event.  The City of Lake Geneva’s decision to not replace the 100 year old sewer and water lines on George Street before the County vaguely repaired the road allowed the county to pull off a big county/small town hustle.

The GSR pointed out these concern about this failure to replace a fractured foundation, but in the city’s and the county’s eminent wisdom, the issue was glibly ignored, or simply lied about, and the resurfacing went on without rebuilding those foundations. In a time period of less than six months since the work the results of decisions made out of willful ignorance or deliberate stupidity begin to make themselves apparent.


George Street sewers were only expected to last about a 100 years when built.  The 100 years is up.  The city’s solution to the sewer problem last year was very similar to its solution to the road repair.  Line the sewers and get them to last through the next administration and on into early retirement. Those liners are going to begin to fail soon, if they already haven’t.

Currently, checking with the water department records, between seventeen and twenty percent of the city’s water is currently leaking away through unknown faults and cracks.

Go figure.

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